Eco-friendly and eye-catching

If you're after stunning event decorations that won't harm the environment, then balloons are for you.

Our balloons are biodegradable

Impact Balloons use environmentally-friendly latex balloons that break down at a similar rate to an oak tree leaf. Unlike plastic balloons, which are not biodegradable, sunlight and natural microorganisms help break latex balloons down so they absorb back into the earth.

Our green commitment

Plastic balloon clips and nylon string can be Mother Nature's worst nightmare, so we hand tie our latex balloons and for release balloons use natural raffia that won't end up as landfill. We also use degradable shopping bags and efficient lighting to reduce our environmental footprint.

What happens to balloons that fly?

Helium balloons that are released into the air will ascend to about 28,000ft (8.4km) within 90 minutes. By this point, the temperature has dropped to about -40ºC and the atmospheric pressure has decreased, which causes the balloon to expand and go hard before cracking. Small pieces of rubber, about the size of 10 or 20-cent pieces will float back to earth over many kilometres before naturally degrading.